MDR – Death of laughter

The clowns have sentenced one of their partners to death, in an act of responsibility to stop the propagation of a deadly virus, laugh.

They look for a place for the public execution, a play area that allows harmony with hilarity, a point of view free from prejudice, honest, crass, pure and tough.

A comedy inspired by public executions.

An improbable crime, a suspicious trial and an absurd punishment.

What the clowns have not foreseen is that their untamed and clumsy nature, as well as their desire and need to have fun, will distract them from the target repeatedly and they will have to find the tools or situations to regain the solemn moment they have come to execute.

Laughter is the deadly essence and the driving force behind the show. Triggering laughter means there is danger of death.

A series of failed executions, deaths, delusional and misleading situations where it will be difficult to decipher who is the victim and who is the executioner.

Likelihood will coexist with the chance of fiasco. Everything is a sham


The execution of the artist spoke to us because of the imbalance of arbitrariness that affect us as humans and as a society.

La pena de muerte, el hecho más fulminante. Es la voluntad de borrar la capacidad de admitir el fallo del sistema.

The death penalty is presented as a tool to rub people out.

The sexism, the incomprehension of refugees or the ultraconservative religions stir up the sorrow of feeling smashed by the capital and the slow death that it causes.

An area of construction works to represent the play. The construction is a deadly service of devasting speculation. It’s a pity. A death penalty.

At the end, maybe, as a paradox, we Will end causing the desire of dyeing from laughter. To confront us and to make the system fragile.