Works done


For Los Galindos, technical training and recycling ourselves has been of rigorous importance. Self-taught since the beginning, we have had to feed on the knowledge we could acquire thanks to the collaboration of like-minded artists, of teachers who we sought out for their specialty and by organising workshops or meetings, where we could exchange knowledge and experiment collectively.

With Rogelio Rivel, Jean Palacy and Geza Trager we trained in aerobatics, flying trapezium and aerobatic goalkeepers, an apprenticeship taught by old artists who knew about technique and about circus life.

Travelling as a tool of implicit knowledge in the circus world in search of growth and continuing training, we have learned and shared experiences with different teachers and artists from all over Europe: Valentin Glazirin (Russia), Remy Balaguer and Abdel and Mahmoud (France), Corpus Cia. (Dutch), Cia. Plot (Portugal/Brazil/Germany). In the field of the concept and poetics of the theatre, we shared professional and training experience with Joan Armengol (Catalonia).

In 1995, following the show “Recuerdo de Constantinopla”, we collaborated for the first time with Michel Dallaire, clown and circus director from Quebec. He landed in France with the birth of the Noveau Cirque, directed, among others, Archaos, Gosh and his company Contre Pour, where he acted until the first decade of two thousand. He set up the Clown School in “L’Hangar des Mines” and followed his own method of training until his death.

From directing and staging, we learned by method, and we shared the desire to learn and evolve together. During various periods, we felt supported and taken care of and,above all, we acquired, in a generous and transparent manner, a knowledge that has enabled us to grow. A teacher’s legacy.