“In a square, at a crossroad, in a sunset, in a school playground, in an abandoned railway station, on the threshold of dreams or anywhere else… When Sibelius and I started out on this journey, we didn’t know where we were headed or even if we would ever come back. As you can see, we are back again… remember that we’ve already met, back when we were older. We already know each other.”

Small wood and canvas circus tent Show involving plasticine modelling and experiences A musical experience featuring a variety of sounds A circus of the essential, evoking a journey to intimacy Poetic and welcoming entertainment suitable for all ages.

The personal and artistic experience of the clown, juggler, trapeze artist and eccentric acrobat, together with a family history in the baking trade, constitute the dramatic content of this show. A show based on the values of sharing and respect, on generational relations between, children, adults and old people, as the circular journey of life takes us back to the starting point.

A tribute to ancient nomadic cultures and artisan trades. A show that praises the desire to get enthusiastic, learn and experiment freely, highlighting the possibili- ties of the individual.


Marc Vila: Musician
Marcel Escolano: Clown
Script: Marcel Escolano
Musical creation: Marc Vila
Direction: Bet Garrell
Design of the performance area and staging: Los Galindos
Assembly and lighting technician: Nathan Wallace – Costumes: Perturbado de Ponzoña – Textil constructions and painting: Txell Janot – Mobile stage scenery: Helios – Ring: Antigua i Barbuda, Sebas Kifer and Txell Janot – Lighting: Los Galindos – Sound: Marc Vila – Yurt builder: Raphaël Gacon Wenger – Photos: Jordi Bover and Maya Takeuchi – Video: Jordi Teixidor – Graphic design: Jordi Santamaria
Communication and distribution: Txell Bosch – Production: Los Galindos
With the support of: Institut Català de les Industries Culturals / Roca Umbert – Fàbrica de les Arts / Circ Crac