The Company


Bet Garrell (1968) and Marcel Escolano (1967)

National Culture Award 2016

Los Galindos was born from a merging of youthful research and energy and under the direct influence of the era of unified creation. We were also, to some extent, heirs to the spirit of freedom of the independent theatre that hadpreceded us.

Inspired by the poetic and imaginary fantasy of the Circuswhich has enthralled us with the challenge of overcoming, the need for mutual understanding and the possibility of living and expressing ourselves freely. Also, the mastering of a professional career and a perfectionism of expression.

During these twenty-nine years of travel, we have travelled through different creative territories. Life led to Bet and Marcel becoming the natural leaders of the project. The first twelve years of the troupe as flying trapezists, acrobats, multifaceted jugglers and eccentric artists propelled the company to the international stage.

The year 2003 became a turning point and from that moment on we followed the project as an artistic couple.

As of 2011, new ambitions finally drove us back to the old desire to be able to present our projects in a yurt, a nine-meter-diameter Mongolian tent with a capacity of 100 spectators, where we have created the last six shows. From searching among revolutionary poetry, generational communication and careful staging, we have made room for fantasy and the result is a charming circus, althoughunreal and touchable at the same time.

A dispute between a being and its abilities, which is where we understand that circus allows us to be free and honest. Once the wholeness has been understood, to be able to break all the limits and saunter around the thresholds of possibility.


National Culture Award 2016 (Generalitat de Catalunya)