MDR – Death of laughter

MDR is a parody for discomfort and fun.

Melon, Mardi and Rossinyol get into an unexpected pickle.

Their untamed and clumsy nature and the need to exist lead them to an unlikely endeavour, where they freely explore any barbarity. This hilarious and frightening experience transmits a story of sincere and dry friendship, provoked by a feeling of responsibility and guilt. An unlikely crime, a dubious trial and absurd punishment. Paradoxically, this may even provoke a desire to die of laughter.

Succumbed by a feeling of devastating injustice and a spooky global mismatch, we want to call into question the arbitrariness of justice from a clown’s point of view, as a character on the stage and a circus dweller.

MDR is a scenic experience, which has called for a shiftof an everyday fact by setting up a show to spread optimism and engage critical spirit, where laughing, pleasure and fantasy are the driving force.

The circus, a nomadic art, has led us to navigate many lands and at the same time it has allowed us to travel in different emotional settings between creation, learning and communication. We have developed an artistic project with its own footprint, where the craft requires us to have committed scenic research.

Inspired by the poetics and fantasy imagination of the Circus, Los Galindos was born in 1991 born from a symbiosis of youthful research and energy and unified creation.

The company received the 2016 National Culture Prize after 25 years of career and, for MDR in 2021, the Criticism Award for Best Circus Show, the ZirkólikaSpecial Jury Award and the 2021 Audience Award at the International Festival of Theatre and Street Art in Valladolid.


Concept and direction: Bet Garrell and Marcel Escolano

Creation and interpretation: Anicet Leone, Gabriel Agosti and Marcel Escolano
Artistic accompaniment: Bet Garrell
Creation team until the premiere: Anicet Leone, Marcel Escolano, Santi Ruiz Albalate amd Bet Garrell
Staging: Stephane Filloc
Help in writing and staging: Joël Fesel
Conceptual complicity: Johnny Torres 

Object: Nartxi Azcazrgorta
Photos: Klara Pedrol and Mireia Guilella

Executive producer and distributor: Caterina Fiol
A production by Los Galindos

Collaborations and complicities: Adrià Naranjo, FranxiMisserachs, Imma Vilar, Antigua i Barbuda, AdrianoMarçal, Joan Cruixent, Txo Titelles, Borde Basse andJordà Ferrer.

Support to the creation: Ajuntament de Cardedeu – Cardedeu Inspirant Cultura.

With the complicity of Taula de Cultura i Joves de St. Esteve de Palautordera, Cia. Baró d’Evel , Carnage Productions and Konvent Cirk. Also, culture areas of the Town Councils of Sant Esteve de Palautordera and Granollers.

With the support of ICEC – Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya and Institut Ramon Llull.


A few words about the artistic team

Anicet Leone. Clown and acrobat. Art and flight adventurer. Trained in fine arts and at the Le Lidó Circus School in Toulouse. He has collaborated in various projects and companies, Crida companion, Los Galindos, etc. Currently, his involvement in Flying Frenchies conveys his artistic and inventive research.

Gabriel Agosti. Juggler and clown trained at the Circus school of Rimini and also at Le Lidó in Tolouse. Circus and cinema actor. Collaborator of Crida Company.

Marcel Escolano. Clown and comedian, co-founder of the company Los Galindos. Director of this project and actor on stage.

Joël Fesel. He landed in the world of performing arts twenty-four years ago having come from the visual arts. Co-founder of the Groupe Merci in Toulouse, France. He accompanies us in the writing and the scenographic conception of the stage space.

Stephane Filloc. Urban intervention comedian, since the nineties. He is a reference in France with his Carnage Productions project. He has participated in projects such as Freres Grumeaux, GIGN and a long list of others. He will help us with the staging and direction of the actors.

Johnny Torres. Acrobat and circus actor. Scholar and lover of the arts of risk and uncertainty. Co-founder of Los Galindos, the Circo de la Sombra and Circ Teatre Modern, among others.

Bet Garrell. Acrobat and circus artist. Co-founder of the company Los Galindos. Director of this project and stage assistant.

Street show or for an unconventional space.

Duration: approximately 60 minutes.

Performing schedule: preferably at night.

Public: over 12/14 years of age.

Capacity: limited to 150 people.

Assemble: approx. 4h 30min – Disassemble: approx. 2h

The organization will provide:


  • Dimension of the space: 12 x 10 m
  • Flat space (without inclination), without street furniture, in front of the façade of a residential building or a wall.
  • 15 fences 2m high to delimitate the space.
  • Access with a vehicle for loading and unloading.

Electricity and illumination:

  • Electrical connection: 220V/16 A.
  • Be able to turn off streetlight if needed.


  • 1 stage manager when the company arrives and leaves.
  • 2 people for loading and unloading, who will also help with the fences.

Camerino – License – Parking:

  • Dressing room for 3 people with WC and shower with hot water.
  • Drinking water for 3 people from when the company arrives until it leaves.
  • The organization will manage all the needed licenses.
  • Foreseeing parking for the truck and a trailer of 13m.


  • This show has not any sound needs. There isn’t soundtrack and the actors speak without microphones.


  • Technical: Marcel Escolano tel: +34 649 29 78 35
  • Production: Caterina Fiol tel: +34 634 73 34 49
  • Distribution: Daphné Malherbe tel: +34 617 07 08 32