Works done


timthumb-1A piano, an speaking voice which sings, a rebound, a lack of balance, an unexpected change. An emotional juggling, an skin-deep jump, a being and a feeling.
The wet man. The blind acrobat. The man who seeks paradise. The hunger, the throat. The sound of silent. The mystery of fear.
So keep yourself on the alert… Enjoy  of what you see as much as of what you don’t see, of what you feel and imagine. Circus has begun, and it’s like seeing the world through a hole.

Anicet Leone: Chinese pole
Andrés Melero:  Hand to hand balancing acrobat
Livi Loricourt:  Composer and piano performer
Marcel Escolano: Clown
Manuel Sebastián: Props manipulator
Ricardo Gallardo:  Hand to hand balancing acrobat
Sophie Borthwick: Clown and singer

Director: Marcel Escolano
Assistant: Txell Janot
Idea and play: Los Galindos
Set: Txell Janot
Technical director: Uli Ulrichs