Works done

Recuerdo de Constantinopla
1994 – 1998

Los Galindos: Bet Garrell, Dede Madrignac, Marcel Escolano, Miner Montell,
Pepe Pean and Pere Parera.
Collective creation
Director: Michel Dallaire
Wardrobe and Atrezzo: A. de Ponzoña
Stage design: Los Galindos and A. de Ponzoña

“Los Galindos turn what could have been a simple circus show into a big moment of
folly and mockery. (…) The pace is frantic, the outwit is disconcerting (…)
We no longer know who is who. They go down the terraces stepping on the audience,
jumping on the seats at vertiginous speed. These artists are the kings of the comic,
of a humor as grotesque as it is carefully studied. First class vintage clowning”

Bruno Salaün
Le Télégramme, April 1997